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Varco Pruden

Varco Pruden Buildings (VP) is a world leader in providing innovative steel building solutions through a purposefully planned network of Authorized VP Builders who offer state-of-the-art design/build services for low-rise, non-residential buildings to deliver aesthetically appealing products with optimum functionality.

Partnering with VP provides a strategic advantage for Pyramid clients who want a building that is designed and constructed to achieve defined business results. Because Varco Pruden only sells through an authorized builder network, the customer is assured that both the high quality, finely engineered product, and the proper installation by a builder familiar with that product, is guaranteed.

We here at Pyramid Contracting are proud of our powerful, mutually beneficial business relationship with Varco Pruden Buildings. VP ensures material quality, which leads to faster construction and effective project management. In turn, as with all our business relationships, Pyramid Contracting benefits our partner in that we are committed to delivering on their brand promise of constant quality and integrity in design and construction for each project.

South Carolina Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration was created in 1953 with the sole mission to aid, counsel, protect and assist America’s small businesses. Since its creation a half-century ago, the SBA has helped millions of American small businesses thrive and millions of Americans achieve the American Dream.

The SBA’s endorsement of Pyramid Contracting, LLC as a Certified 8(a) Unlimited General Contractor began in May of 2015. The partnership affords the firm a nine-year period in which to compete for construction contracts set aside by the federal government, specifically for those firms with 8(a) designation. Pyramid has enjoyed great success in our partnership with the SBA and they’ve proven invaluable in our advancement through the federal arena.

We are proud to say that Pyramid Contracting is quickly becoming a preferred contractor for the federal government throughout the Southeast region. It is an honor to be partnered with an agency dedicated to creating a healthy environment that nurtures entrepreneurship. We remain extremely grateful to the SBA for all their guidance and assistance thus far and Pyramid Contracting looks forward to that continued partnership in the years to come.

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